Since we spend a good part of the day in bed, we invest some money in our dorm to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Accordingly, we naturally want a long service life for our bed or our mattress, the slatted frame and all other bedding products. Thus, the higher acquisition costs pay off in the long term.

Frequent change of bed linen for best hygiene

We change sheets and sheets regularly to have a good, clean feeling while sleeping. However, surveys confirm that the exchange does not take place frequently enough. On average, we resettle our bed only every four to six weeks. However, the moisture absorption capacity of the bed linen is usually already exhausted after one to two days of use.

During one night, our body releases on average 1 to 1.5 liters of moisture via the respiratory system and around 7 million pores of the skin. Two-thirds of the moisture release takes place via the skin. Sleepwear, bed linen, bedding, mattress, etc. must accordingly absorb and drain a lot of moisture night after night. The sweat emitted by the body consists of 98% water. The remaining 2% are composed of common salt, urea, tallow, and acids (including lactic acid). In order for our skin to breathe undisturbed while sleeping and to be able to excrete the bodily slag unhindered, the bed linen and other bedding must have good air and moisture permeability. Explore through our website for the best collection of twin mattress sets sale.

How do I take care of the best moisture removal in my bed?

  • When buying bed linen, be sure to look for breathable and breathable fabrics. Ideal is the highest possible natural fiber content (such as cotton or silk).
  • If you sweat heavily, change your bedding at least once a week, otherwise every two weeks at the latest.
  • Regularly hang blankets and pillows outside for airing.

However, a lot more is needed to keep mattresses, blankets and pillows in optimal condition for a long time.

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